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This Is Why I Don't Ride Horses

My thanks to L.B. Jeffries for making me aware of Emily and her broken leg.

Emily is a cute 28 year old who lives in rural Pennsylvania. Her passion is horse back riding. Emily is a man's girl. She hunts, fishes. skis, rock climbs, line dances, drives a pick up truck, and drives a fork lift at work for a manufacturing company

Fearless Emily on her horse four weeks after the accident

Three years ago, Emily was horseback riding at a local horse farm. The horse got spooked and Emily was tossed into a fence. She suffered a hairline fracture of her upper tibia. The pain was immediate and intense. An ambulance was called and Amy was whisked off to the local hospital.

Emily's view in the ambulance. In spite of the pain, she was able to snap a few pics

Emily's x-ray showed an impressive hairline fracture of her upper tibia

Emily was told her leg was broken and she would spend up to 10 weeks in a full leg cast

This was Emily's first broken bone. She was stunned by the amount of pain she experienced when the leg was casted. The casting process was performed by a female team that included a doctor, cast tech, and nurse. Although Emily's break was only hairline, the position of her knee was critical to the healing process. This called for a one hour cast application session focused on achieving ideal knee position. Initially, Emily was placed in a toe to thigh, white fiberglass cast.

Emily's first cast was pearly white and was signed by only one person - her mother. Mom's signature on Emily's thigh reads 'Love ya, Momma'. Emily slept little the evening of the injury. The hydrocodone did little to lessen Emily's pain.

Three days after the accident, Emily visited an orthopedist. After x-rays, he praised the job done by the ER team and finished Emily's cast with a few rolls of purple fiberglass.

Emily's purple covered cast. She wore the cast for a total of seven weeks

Once the pain dissipated, Emily resumed her normal activities. She rode horses and fished with the cast on.

Emily on horseback

The leg healed perfectly and Emily's cast was finally removed seven weeks after the accident.

Emily having her cast removed

When the cast was removed, Emily was placed in a lose fitting bandage. She was encouraged to begin flexing her knee but was prohibited from placing weight on the leg.

Emily's post cast bandage

After a week, the bandage was removed and Emily began to resume normal activities.

Emily marveled at the difference in her legs once the cast was removed.

It's safe to say that Emily enjoyed being in the cast. In one social media post, she marveled at how her boyfriend at the time took care of her toes for her. And she noted all the attention she received when she was out in public with the cast.

Current day Emily. She is a outdoors girl at heart

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