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This is Why I Don't Run Marathons

Meet Jo - a 5th grade mathematics teachers who lives in a small town outside of London.

Jo having a well deserved glass of ale a few weeks after breaking her leg

In April of 2018, Jo decided to raise money for a local charity by running in the London Marathon. 40,000 runners gathered on a hot April morning to navigate the 26 mile route through London.

Jo, an avid runner, had no expectations of winning the event or even finishing in the top half of the field. The race was started by the Queen who pushed a button remotely from Windsor Castle.

Jo registering for the event the day before the race

Things went fine until mile marker 23. Jo felt a sharp pain in her knee. She bravely tried to carry on but had difficulty walking much less running.

Help came in the form of two other runners who were running for the sames charity. Three miles from the finish line, the began to carry Jo. Additional helpers soon arrived to make sure Jo finished the race.

After crossing the finish line, Jo was immediately attended to by medics. After congratulations from her family and friends, she was whisked away by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Jo on her way to a waiting ambulance

At the hospital, X-rays revealed a significant hairline fracture in the upper tibia.

Jo's X-ray revealing the hairline fracture

Jo proudly displaying her participant medal in the ER

Jo was placed in a toe to thigh fiberglass cast.

Jo's freshly casted leg

Jo at home displaying a badge a friend gave to her. A female friend asked Jo why she didn't paint her toenails. She replied that she wasn't 'girlie'

Fortunately, the injury occurred while Jo's school was on spring break. She returned to school a week after the injury on crutches. Jo did not allow her students to sign her cast. She taught class from a wheelchair.

Her cast was removed 2 days before graduation ceremonies at the school.

Jo no longer participates in marathons.

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