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This Is Why I Like Weddings

In Great Britain it is common for Brides to have a 'Hen-Do' prior to their wedding. The custom is alien to this American. Apparently a 'Hen-Do' is some type of bachlorette party intended to briefly reduce the stress associated with wedding planning.

Our blushing bride to be, Lula, was in the middle of her 'Hen - do' in August of 2018. Lula and her bridesmaids were drinking champagne at a festive luncheon. Lula, after one glass too many of the bubbly took a little spill and managed to snap her tibia and fibula in half.

Lula's leg after her little fall. Things didn't look quite right

In Lula's words. ‘I couldn’t get up. I was in so much pain. My leg was bent back the wrong way. It was all in the wrong place.'

Things quickly went from bad to worse. Because Lula's break was not compound and there was no visible blood, the local ambulance company considered Lula's injury non-emergency. The wait for the ambulance would be six hours.

One of Lula's bridesmaids was concerned that Lula would lose the leg if it wasn't straightened right away. After a couple of swigs of Dom Perignon, the bridesmaid worked up enough courage to reduce Lula's broken leg. Seven bridesmaids held poor Lula down while the eighth bridesmaid, named Gabby, did the deed. She pulled and twisted Lula's lifeless limb until it was in some semblance of visual normalcy.

Lula's screams were long, deep, and animal like. The pain seemed to worsen after Gabby set the leg. After the setting session, Lula downed a $170 bottle of Dom Perignon in three gulps, told Gabby she would not be part of the wedding party, and passed out.

At the Emergency Department. Temporary splint

Finally at the ER, x-rays revealed 4 impressive breaks. A now sober Lula was treated to another pull and twist session and placed in a temporary splint.

Post surgical x-ray

Surgery was performed the next morning. Lula had a rod embedded in her tibia and screws inserted in her ankle and proximal tibia.

Lula on her wedding day

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. 8 weeks after breaking her leg, Lula was married to her husband Alex. She ditched her crutches temporarily and walked down the aisle in her walking boot.

Lula on her honeymoon in Italy. I am note sure those cut off shorts are appropriate for Lula's body type

Today, Lula has recovered from the injury and is the proud mother of a baby boy.

Current day Lula. Slimmed down and with her baby boy

Author's note about Hen do's.

Someone should sell 'Hen Do' insurance. You may recall, several months ago I wrote about a Jiu Jitsu fighter named Donna who spent her Hen Do weekend in a full leg cast. Click on Donna's picture below to read about her story.

And we also have Rebecca. This British bride made the brilliant decision to play a game of zorb ball during her Hen Do weekend. I had never heard of 'zorb ball' before writing this blog and hope I never hear about it again.

You guessed it. Rebecca broke and dislocated her ankle during the zorb ball game and ended up being pushed down the aisle by her soon to be husband.

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