This Woman Doesn't Kick Box Anymore

Meet Laura who is an Irish mother, Nurse, kick boxer, and overall fun person.

Laura a month before breaking her ankle and bruising her knee

Kick Boxing is apparently a grueling sport. After a match Laura had to bandage toes. The woman has never shy about showing off her feet

In November of last year, Laura had a small accident while sparring with a teacher. Laura twisted her knee and broke her ankle with one, forceful missed kick. An ambulance was summoned and Laura was carted off to the local hospital in Ulster. X-rays revealed a slightly displaced ankle fracture and a knee with no apparently structural damage.

Laura poised on crutches leaving the emergency department the day of her injury

Laura admits she screamed a bit when the attending physician pushed her ankle into the proper position prior to putting her in a temporary cast/splint.

Laura at home in her newly applied cast/splint. Her husband - an electrician - found the cast 'sexy'.

With two small kids at home, Laura's first cast quickly filled with drawings and autographs

Not one to mope about a bad break in life, Laura seemed to enjoy being in the cast. Although she could not work, she made it a point to get out of the house and proudly displayed her cast for friends and neighbors to see and sign.

Laura's first full leg cast. The woman loved displaying her long toes.

Six days after breaking her ankle, Laura was placed in a full leg fiberglass cast. Because her knee was still extremely painful in spite of no evidence of structural damage, the cast was extended to her thigh. Laura purposely painted her toes green before the cast change session in anticipation of getting a green cast. At the last minute, she changed her mind and was placed in the blue cast.

Delayed bruising a week after Laura's injury

Two weeks after the injury, Laura's blue cast was removed. She was given an MRI of her knee to make sure ligaments were not torn. The MRI confirmed the structural integrity of the knee. Laura was then placed in a full leg, red cast. She chose the color because Christmas was coming soon.

I adore grown women who wear keds and aren't afraid of acting like kids.

Two weeks before Christmas. Laura and her kids can't wait for Santa Claus to come

Laura's next cast was a short leg candy cane striped cast. The Northern Ireland Health System appears to not mind spending money on cast changes.

Laura's final cast. This picture was taken December 23. Her cast was removed on Christmas Eve.

Laura is an adventurous sort. Her social media pages are filled with pictures of her holding snakes, doing handstand and back flips, kick boxing, and para sailing.

I suspect she is also sexually adventurous. In her social media posts there are obtuse references to the difficulty she had finding a comfortable position to have sex in a full leg cast, her husband's interest in her toes, his love of her casts, his willingness to paint her toes while she was in the cast, and her ability to use an S&M rope to do flex her foot during post cast physical therapy.

Laura, two months after having her last cast removed. In her nursing uniform

Laura is living proof that you can't judge a book by its cover.

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