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This woman makes bad decisions

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Kayla is a 21 year old motorcycle buff who lives in Humble, Texas. She is a pretty girl with very simple ambitions in life. She wants to ride her motorcycle.

Kayla's first major mistake happened when she was the ripe old age of 16. She got pregnant with a boy who would three years later be a convicted drug felon. Fortunately, Kayla's mother has maternal instincts and convinced the non-maternal Kayla to have the baby.

When she was 17, Kayla fell in love with motorcycles. Kayla's second mistake involved laying down her motorcycle when she was 17 and breaking her left wrist. The break was not severe enough to require surgery. But Kayla endured a painful reduction session followed by 9 weeks in a full arm cast.

Kayla at her high school graduation. Kayla graduated with a full arm cast and a two year old baby boy

Undeterred by the broken wrist, Kayla continued riding. This was mistake number three.

On July 2nd, 2016, the 18 year old Kayla decided to borrow a bike from a friend (mistake four). To prepare for the ride, Kayla decided not to wear bike gear. Instead, she styled up in high top keds and torn blue jeans. This was mistake five.

Mistake six was not caught on video. Kayla, riding her friend's bike which was twice as powerful as her bike, decided to do a wheelie while traveling over 60 miles an hour.

The beautiful Kayla did a sliding face plant while her friend's bike went flying. The aftermath of the crash was captured on video. The video has gone viral with over 250,000 views to date. I didn't know there were that many sadists in the world. Makes me feel kind of normal.

Kayla's injuries were significant. Her ankle was almost severed and she suffered a severe wrist fracture. Surgery was required for both the ankle and wrist.

Kayla spent two weeks in the hospital. The hospital bills were enormous so a friend started a Gofundme to defray the costs. Because Kayla was so obsessed with motorcycles, she had few friends. A total of $600 was raised to defray her $23,000 hospital bill.

Post hospital, Kayla progressed from a soft splint to a boot. And participated in Physical Therapy.

Kayla the day her external fixator was removed

Kayla in the boot

In her own words, Kayla said she had a lazy approach to physical therapy. In addition to motorcycles, Kayla is obsessed with Keds and Aqua green nail polich

Kayla is now 21 and her son is 5. She has been engaged to be married for three years. In a continued case of bad decision making, Kayla has resumed riding motorcycles (mistake 7). She has also refused to reimburse her ex-friend for destroying his his beautiful motorcycle (mistake 8). Kayla is unemployed and spends her time riding her beloved motorcycle. Kayla's son is raised by Kayla's mother.

Kayla with her fiance and son taken shortly after her accident. Note the continued swelling in the girl's ankle

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