Three Pictures I Love But Know Nothing About

The premise of the blog is fairly simple. I find a picture that is familiar to my blog readers. Through research, I piece together the 'backstory' of the picture. Normally, I flesh out how the individual was injured, what treatment was received, how the recovery went, and what the individual is doing today.

I have some fairly sophisticated research above and beyond the normal social media search engines. So I can sometimes find out background information that would otherwise go undiscovered.

But, alas, there are occasions when I can no background information about a picture. To me, this presents a challenge; not a disappointment. I am hoping a reader can shed some light about the three pictures I am presenting today.


I know nothing about this woman but I adore her.

Things I observe in this picture. Huge, forced smile in spite of a bulky toe to hip cast on her leg. Aluminum, US style crutches. Pin through her thigh indicating she is being treated for a broken femur. Bulky sweater would indicate she lives in a cold climate. Sparsely signed cast. Probably no kids living with her. The toe sock drives me nuts. Wondering what delicacies lie beneath the sock. No wedding ring. Bulky computer monitor and haphazard wiring.

Wish I knew more.


Stunning woman at ease in her full leg cast. The cast is pristine and she wears it well. Holding a newspaper in the air and appears to be celebrating something. Is she in a newspaper office? The knee sock and shoe style would indicate the picture is from the late 60's or early 70's. American style wooden crutches. Clippings of pictures and the implements on the desk behind her indicate the tools of a copy editor. No wedding ring. I used to have a locket necklace like the one she is wearing. Mine had a picture of my grandmother inside and a clipping of her hair.

Wish I knew more about what happened to this gorgeous blond.


And, finally, for the sadists among our readers.

I assume this poor woman was skiing or taking part in some other winter sport when she met her demise. I have always assumed the woman broke her leg. The green whistle is a fairly recent introduction into the US. This fact combined with the lack of familiar US markings or logos on the ski patrol would lead me to think this is a European picture. The quality of the picture is exceptional. The woman's beautiful face registers a combination of pain, acceptance, and drug relief.

If you have any more information about these pictures, please comment below.

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