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St. Michael's University School (SMUS) is a private boarding school located in Western Canada. The school was established over 100 years ago and caters to the richest of the rich Canadians.

Tuition at St. Michael's for non-boarding students starts at $25,000 US.

Lisa was raised in British Columbia. Her dad was a land broker and very well off. Lisa began attending St. Michael's when she was in kindergarten in 1978. In the 8th grade, she began to board at the school. Boarding means you live at the school full time and come home only for holidays.

Lisa with friends after returning to school

Over Christmas vacation, Lisa and her family went to Whistler resort for a ski vacation. Whistler would be the site of the 2010 winter Olympics.

On the second day of vacation, Lisa - who was a good skier - lost control on a turn, slid 100 yards, and slammed both shins squarely into a tree.

"I didn't know pain existed on that level. There was nothing I could do except scream. One ski came off. The other didn't. I could feel bones moving around in my legs. The more I screamed, the more the bones moved."

The ski patrol stabilized Lisa's broken legs and got her to the base infirmary at the bottom of the mountain. After a life altering boot removal session, Lisa's legs were x-rayed. Because of the severe angulation of her lower legs and the lack of a strong pedis pulse, the infirmary physician decided to straighten her legs before transport to a medical center.

"By that time I was more or less gone. They gave me some pills before they started pulling on my legs but I think I was already in shock. And I lost my voice so I wasn't able to scream any more. They called a helicopter to get me to a hospital. I blacked out after that."

At the hospital, Lisa's legs were properly set. Miraculously, no surgery was required. She was placed in two full leg splints. Her splints were replaced a week later with a full leg cast on the left leg and a shirt cast on her right. The casts had walking heels on the bottom but Lisa was instructed to not place weight on the legs for 5 weeks.

Lisa wore the casts for 8 weeks and was then placed in shorter, below the knee cast on her left leg for 4 weeks.

Lisa returned to school in late January and became a bit of a celebrity. How many people do you know who have broken two legs at the same time?

Lisa near the end of her two broken leg experience. The left leg is still in a short leg cast.

Today, Lisa still lives in western Canada. She has two teenage daughters.

Current day Lisa. Note the cast on her arm

Lisa's broken legs were not an isolated incident. She has broken over 20 bones in her lifetime - including both arms at different times, a wrist, her right foot, and a collarbone.

Lisa loves displaying her bare feet. Her foot (right) are shown with her daughters

Lisa also has a proclivity for displaying her bare feet in public. While in the leg casts, she loved having people see her exposed toes.

Lisa's big toe showing support for her country

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