Twist and Shout - Three Videos For The Sadists In Our Community

I have always felt that a cast must be earned. A cast on an arm or leg is the reward received for suffering the pain, horror, and shock of a broken bone.

For years, I was somewhat ashamed of my feelings. What kind of normal person likes to see other human beings suffer extreme, horrific pain in order to earn a cast? Only a sadist for sure. And for years, I thought I was one of the only members of the cast community who had these feelings.

Part of My Extensive Picture Collection Of Men and Women With Broken Bones

Boy was I wrong.

In the last two years, I have written over 160 cast blogs. Most of these featured women in legs casts. On average, my blog site is visited by over 3,000 people per week. I can track a variety of web site stats including visits per blog post. Just for the fun of it, last week I decided to find out what my most visited blog post was over the last two years.

Surprise, surprise.

The most popular blog on my website is one I wrote in October of 2019 entitled 'A Sadist's Dream'.

The subject of my most popular blog out of 160. No cast pictures were in the blog

It is about a young woman who broke her femur wake boarding in Singapore. The blog also made reference to a dozen or so pictures of women in agony after breaking a bone.

So, now realizing that many of my readers are as screwed up as I am mentally, I want to show you three women today who endured one of the most painful medical procedures known to man - the manual reduction of a dislocated and broken ankle. Each woman was kind enough to post a video of the reduction process on YouTube.

Here are the subjects:


Stephanie lives in Louisville, KY In 2016, she was a budding horse trainer but had a little accident mounting a horse. Her foot got caught in the saddle stirrup while she fell to the ground. Her ankle was dislocated but, miraculously, not broken. She spent two weeks in a hard cast and another couple of weeks in a walking boot.

The video below shows Stephanie receiving an elephant share of painkillers, joking with the doctors and staff, and then having her ankle dislocation reduced.


Misty is a school guidance counselor in Utah. Originally, from Australia, Misty is bi-sexual and lives with her partner, Cynthia.

Misty (Right) with her partner who filmed the ankle reduction process

In 2013, Misty had an accident on stairs and ended up with a dislocated and broken ankle. Cynthia filmed the pre-setting anesthesia period. Misty, totally stoned on pain meds, tells the doctor's a joke. "What kind of bees make the best milk? Boobees!"

The video below shows the minutes leading up to Misty's ankle reduction.


Jenn is from Northern Minnesota and is an out doors type. In 2016, she had a little misstep in the backyard and ended up with a broken and dislocated ankle. Her husband filmed the ankle reduction process. The brief, 19 second video is a broken ankle classic.

Apparently, the attending physician - a friend of the family - told Jenn that she would experience some pressure in her ankle when it was set. No one prepared Jenn for the horrific pain she would experience with the doctor twisted her ankle into place. In a YouTube all time classic moment, she calls the doctor 'a fucking lying sack of shit' during the reduction process.

I realize this blog will not be for everyone. But I think there is a significant cast community audience interested in the sequence of events leading up to the application of a cast.

Happy reading guys!

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