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Vanity Smash

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Roller Derby is a tough game. Meet Vanity Smash who managed to break her leg 2 minutes into the first bout of her career. Ms. Smash had not skated for 15 years but thought Roller Derby would be a good way to meet friends. Her husband is in the US Military and they move around the US frequently.

So Vanity (aka Jessica) went the required lessons and practices and proudly joined her teammates prior to the first bout.

Bad things happened 2 minutes into the bout. Here is a video of Vanity Smash breaking her leg.

Several important points here. The break was not compound until the 'medics' rolled the poor woman over without splinting her leg. At that moment, the bone came through the skin causing a compound fracture. The track medics had received no training and were little more than girl or boy scout first aid badge winners.

Things didn't get much better in the ER. Although heavily drugged, Vanity endured an extremely painful pull and twist session prior to x-rays.

Note the unusual angle of Vanity's splinted ankle. Things are not pointing in the right direction. Surgery was performed late that night. Vanity's leg to this day has an impressive collection of plates and screws.

Things brightened in the morning. Teammates, almost all of whom had broken bones themselves, visited to cheer the poor roller derby veteran up.

And a week later, Vanity earned the prize that awaits bone breakers. A comfy short leg cast. Vanity wanted black in keeping with bad girl image of roller derby.

With her roller derby career over, Vanity returned to her real life job as a hair cutter. She is married with two teenage children. She and her husband reside in New York State.

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