What Happens When a 1,000 Pound Horse Lands On Her Tibia

Georgia was raised on a horse farm in rural Ohio. She began riding horses at the age of 4. Riding and caring for horses is a huge part of Georgia's life.

Georgia shown a couple months after having her cast removed

In March of 2015, the 17 year old Georgia was riding her horse bareback in the woods near her farm. The horse slipped going down a wet slope and landed on her side. Unfortunately, Georgia's foot was under the horse when the beast fell.

"I didn't know pain could be that intense." Georgia later recalled. "I was paralyzed. I couldn't stand up or even crawl. "

In a stroke of bad luck, Georgia's cell phone was out of power. At Georgia's urging, the horse made its way back to the stable. Georgia's mother was, to say the least, disturbed by the site of the riderless horse. Mom called the sheriff and a search party was quickly organized.

Georgia One Week After Her Injury

Georgia was found two hours after her fall. The Sheriff's Deputy who found Georgia, called 911 an ambulance was dispatched. By the time Georgia arrived at the hospital, she was almost delirious with pain.

Things did not improve at the emergency room. "They put an IV in me as soon as I arrived at the ER. Whatever they gave me did absolutely nothing to relieve the pain. I threw up the first time while they were taking my riding boot off. And again during x-rays. I think the drugs made things worse."

Georgia's mother said the girl actually enjoyed being in the cast. She wore skirts and dresses while she was in the full leg cast

Georgia had broken her tibia but not the fibula. Georgia was put to sleep while the tibia was re positioned and her leg was casted. Georgia's older sister picked the blue cast color.

Georgia and family in an 'after church' family pose. Mom and dad are in the foreground with Georgia. Her older sister and younger brother are on the other side of the fence. How much would you pay to get a reserved pew right behind Georgia at Church

Five weeks after the injury, Georgia was placed in a below the knee cast. Fortunately, this was just in time for the prom.

Georgia's sister, who was a college student at the time, returned home to help get Georgia ready for the prom. Georgia's sister painted Georgia's toes and did her hair

Georgia's short cast was removed 8 weeks to the day after the injury. Georgia was back on her horse the next day. Horse lovers accept injuries as part of the sport. Georgia's mom, dad, and older sister are veteran bone breakers.

Georgia and her family in a photo taken days before her cast was removed

Today, Georgia is a student at Ohio State University. She has fully recovered from the leg injury and is majoring in communications.

Recent picture of the gorgeous Georgia

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