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Wheelchair Babe Breaks a Leg

Magda, who is confined to a wheelchair, broke her leg several years ago

Magda is a 49 year old New York City resident. In her 20's Magda was in an auto accident and was left with partial paralysis in her legs. Although she has some feeling in her legs, she has been confined to a wheelchair for 25 years.

Magda is a writer, fashionista, graphic artist, and social media leader. She writes a weekly blog and maintains a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A few years ago, Magda fell while transferring from her bed to her wheelchair in the middle of the night. She ended up with a fractured femur. She did not know it at the time because she has little feeling in her legs.

In her words:

I have little feeling in my legs and consequently woke up to a sequoia sized purple hued leg. I knew it was trouble. All color drained from my face, I felt light headed and immediately knew I would be composing a dirge in the back of an ambulance.

I arrived at the hospital 15 minutes from my home; one that doesn’t have a high rating according to many of my friends. I am used to going to one which is 50 minutes away which I refer to as a “country club” because the food is palatable, run efficiently, affiliated with Columbia Presbyterian (one of America’s best hospitals) and where I can expect a private room. The dump where I arrived has long wait times, understaffed and a waiting room with a medley of characters. I was curious to learn more about them. Some looked inbred, some baby mommas with MIA baby daddies and some drunk, gaunt men with ripped tshirt covered in blood, who possibly passed out in front of a sports bar.

Hours later, after X-rays and a CAT scan, I met a young, humorous and respected orthopedic surgeon, who cast my leg from the toes up to the top of my thigh. He told me I would have to wear it for four weeks and that I would be uncomfortable. But, he said, look at the bright side. That being that I would not miss out on an entire summer housebound and that if I was careful, the leg would heal well. Given all the terror and misery I have endured from countless surgeries in the past, I would be able to use my coping skills to get through another blip in my life.

Magda a few days after the injury. This was the temporary cast placed on her in the ER. Magda joked about the swelling in her toes - likening them to pigs in a blanket. She said anyone with a foot fetish would immediately find a new fetish after seeing her toes.

I can't imagine how difficult it was to cope with a full leg cast AND paralyzed legs. But Magda managed.

Magda had to ditch her personal, customized wheelchair when she broke her leg. She rented a 'crappy' one that had a leg rest for her casted leg but was not customized to her body. To compensate, she added towels to the foot rest to put her good leg in a comfortable position

One week after the injury, Magda was placed in a permanent cast. She immediately arranged a cast decorating party with a group of female friends.

The girls went to work with nail polish and markers and produced a leg ornament the artistic Magda was proud to show off.

Magda and her splint. Magda's outfits usually include gloves since they provide better gripping for wheelchair transfers

Fortunately, the leg healed properly. Within six weeks, the cast was removed and replaced with a splint.

The artistic Magda has her cast on display in her New York apartment. Magda said she would gladly sell her old cast to any art gallery or museum willing to put it on display

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