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Why All Cast Pictures should include faces

Someone once said a pictures tells a thousand words. I believe a cast picture, with a candid face included, tells ten thousand words.

Earning a medical cast is no small effort. It often involves a variety of emotions including shock, agony, disbelief, curiosity, impatience, pride and fear. A good cast picture will show the emotion behind the cast wearer's eyes.

As you know, I am not a fan of recreational casts. Since those casts have not been earned, I have no interest in them. I do, however, respect the many members of the cast community who promote recreational casting.

I also do not care for pictures that show only the cast; not the person wearing the cast. For foot fetishes, these pics probably have a great deal of appeal. But I think the appeal would be more powerful if a face could be associated with the toes extending from the end of the cast.

With all that said, here are some of my favorite face and cast pictures.

Carol, who works for NPR, took a spill on the ski slopes. Her broken leg is encased in a to to thigh cast. The face says it all. 'God get me out of this thing.' With kids at home and a full time job, the cast makes a hard life 3 times harder. The lack of signatures on the cast supports the theory she wants no part of cast life. The fact we can't see Carol's toes make the picture all the more intriguing.

This is Olivia. She broke her leg in a horseback riding accident. Unlike Carol, I don't think Olivia hates her cast. She is acknowledging her plight in a light hearted way. She has let friends sign her cast. Her smile tells me she thinks this is just a road bump in the human journey.

Could a face show more emotions. Maggie broke her arm snow boarding. How many emotions can you read on her face? Fear? Disbelief? Anger? Good news, All turned out well. After a painful reduction session with the finger traps, Maggie ended up in a comfy red full arm cast. She was drinking a beer at the ski lodge by early evening.

This cheerleader's demeanor screams 'fuck you' at the picture viewer. She is in a full leg cast. And she has enough self confidence to let someone draw on the bottom of her toes. The bubble gum and supportive friends support my belief that she has a future as a dominatrix.

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