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Why do Americans call Football Soccer?

Leanne, nicknamed 'Shorty' is in the middle of the picture

Well that's not really the topic of discussion today. I am American, its my blog, and I can call the frigging sport whatever I want.

The real issue is why this sex kitten named Leanne wants to resume an amateur soccer career after suffering an horrific leg injury.

Leanne is 32 years old and toils as a laborer in a British manufacturing company. She has a lousy marriage and her passion is soccer. In February of 2018, Leanne broke her tibia and fibula in a soccer match. She heard and felt the bones snap and the pain was immediate and all consuming.

Leanne did not handle the on the 'pitch' (or field as we American's call it) activities well at all. Sure her leg was a little bit bent. But putting a sheet over her? Come on. In the US, sheets are reserved for the dead. Leanne dug her fingers into the dirt, rolled around a bit, screamed, cried, and in a variety of other fashions let everyone within screaming distance know she was not happy.

You may have to dissect this picture a bit. While the British sex kitten was waiting for the gas and drugs to arrive, she was given a towel of some type to bite on. Just like he cowboys did in the old west of the States. Leanne's head is at the bottom of this picture.

Eventually, help arrived. Leanne was carted off to the hospital where x-rays were taken. The attending doctor gave Leanne a choice. Surgery to implant a rod or manual reduction.

Being the cautious girl she is, Leanne chose manual reduction. She was taken back to an operating theater, was given a spinal, and allowed to watch the reduction process on a fluoroscope. After reduction, the leg was placed in a full leg fiberglass cast.

Leanne wore the full leg cast for four months at which point it was replaced with a smaller, pink model.

One year after the accident. Leanne is uncertain about her soccer future.

Although the leg looks normal today, x-rays reveal a different story. The tibia is semi aligned and appears to be healing properly. The fibula shows no sign of union. Mysteriously, Leanne's doctor gave the minx the go-ahead to begin jogging this month. She is unable to run without an obvious limp.

After a day at the factory, her leg is sore and swollen at the ankle.

So Leanne still dreams of resuming her soccer career. However, she is realistic about the severity of her injury. She believes it will be six months before she can actually return to the football pitch.

On the first anniversary of her injury, Leanne posted a montage of the injury on social media.

This certainly has been a life changing event for Leanne. Here's a toast to all female British 'football' players.

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