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Do My Toes Smell Like Pickles?

Lori lives near me in Charlotte, NC. She is a devoted Christian and a mother of three home schooled children.

Lori's deformed ankle in the ER

Lori and her family are proud members of a ecumenical christian church north of Charlotte. I was raised Catholic so my childhood memories of 'church' involve the symbols used during Mass including stations of the cross, prayers murmured in Latin, incense, and the colorful vestments worn by priests.

Lori's church is a bit more modern. Music is provided by a quartet of guitar players. Sermons are delivered via Power Point. And the dress code is red neck casual.

One of the reasons Lori earned a mention in this blog is the way she broke her leg. Probably 70% of the people covered in this blog earned their broken bones through sporting activities or simple falls.

Lori, being the imaginative type, broke her leg while donating blood to the Red Cross. It was a Sunday in late September of this year and the family had just attended church. They were preparing for lunch but the church was hosting a blood drive. Lori generously devoted 20 minutes to giving blood and then proceeded to pass out on her way to the family car.

Lori in the ER waiting for X-Rays

Although her ankle and leg were badly broken when she fell, Lori insisted the family proceed to lunch. "The pain was like nothing I had experienced. I had trouble breathing. I was sweating in the car. And I had a burning sensation from my toes to my thigh."

After a second fainting episode in the car itself, Lori's husband wisely diverted the family to a local emergency room where the leg was x-rayed, declared badly broken, and Lori was placed in a plaster back slab.

Lori having the back slab removed three days after the accident. Is it me or does her husband have a massive erection?

Three days later, the back slab was removed and Lori was placed in a sporty purple cast. Lori is not a fan of pain. She yelled loudly when the cast technician pushed her foot into a 90 degree position.

Lori's broken leg propped on a pillow while home schooled son Malachi does homework

After a week of rest, Lori decided to visit the scene of the crime. She asked her husband to paint her toenails before taking her to Church two weeks after the accident. I had to laugh when I saw the picture below on Lori's social media site. The picture prompted many comments from Lori's female friends along the vein of 'Isn't he a sweet guy' and 'He's a keeper'. The guy probably had a massive erection while he was painting her tootsies.

Devoted husband doing Lori's toes before going to church

Lori proudly displaying her newly painted toes to the worshipers at her church

Three weeks later, Lori got her cast changed. If you haven't guessed, Lori is high energy and tends to do whatever she feels is necessary for her or her family. Lori bought shaving cream and a razor to the to the cast change session so she could reduce the itching under her cast.

Lori and the shaving cream

Lori emerged from the cast change session with a light blue cast which she wore for six weeks

Lori proudly displaying her new cast and newly painted toes

Now, a couple of comments here. First, you may have noticed that Lori has nice looking toes. And she appears eager throughout her social media posts to display them for all to see them. What a bonus for members of the cast community who were blessed with a foot fetish.

Why in God's name would Lori place her casted foot in Malachi's face? Do you think the woman knows the power a casted foot and painted toes have over men?

My second point pertains to Lori's son Malachi. I firmly believe that people are not born with a cast fetish. Rather, they acquire a cast fetish through life experiences. I believe the root of my cast fetish stems from the fact my mother wore a leg cast when I was very young. I have pictures of me painting her toes and coloring on her cast. We lived in Australia at the time so my cast fetish developed hand in hand with my love of Koala Bears.

Lori's cast with a pickle design on the bottom. I wonder who drew the pickle there

Somehow, Lori managed to force her foot close enough to Malachi's nose that the poor boy said her toes smelled like pickles! I wonder how many readers of this blog would line up for a chance to smell the woman's foot.

Lori 69 days after breaking her leg

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Ten weeks after breaking her leg. Lori was placed in a walking boot. She is now cast and limp free and fully recovered from the injury.

Oh, and here is a little bonus. In this video, Lori explains how she gets her morning coffee and cream from one side of her kitchen to the other. Once again, poor Malachi - a soon to be member of the cast fetish community - is right in the middle of the action.

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