Why I Always Ask For a First Floor Hotel Room


In 2012, Chantelle was vacationing on the Spanish Island of Magaluf. The 27 year old took an 80 foot plunge from her sixth floor hotel balcony. Miraculously, the aspiring model, exhibitionist, and general wild ass survived the fall with a broken jaw, and two broken legs.

Chantelle fell from her sixth floor balcony and landed at the side of the pool. Kind of a mood killer for the dozens of party goers who were swimming at the time

There are conflicting accounts of why Chantelle, a resisdent of England, fell off of the balcony. One report said the woman, who was no stranger to alcohol and drugs, saw a black spider in her suitcase and was running to escape the harmless bug. Another account says the beautiful Chantelle was trying to visit friends on the balcony just below her own and slipped. And the third account claims Chantelle had a loud and furious fight with her mother in the hotel and decided to take her own life. Who knows? All three accounts may be true.

Chantelle hours before taking the big leap. The girl loved showing off her body. Do you think the two guys on the left noticed?

Fortunately for Chantelle, she was unconscious upon impact. Paramedics scraped her off the pool deck and she spent two quality weeks in a local hospital.

Chantelle a few days after having surgery on her legs

Rods were placed in both of her lower legs and she was told it would be 18 months before she had a chance of walking again.

Chantelle's boyfriend was at the hotel when she had her little fall. She said he took wonderful care of her in the hospital. How sweet of him to clean her toes

Chantelle on her way for surgery for her broken jaw. Proudly displaying her tongue stud.

A more subdued Chantelle after having her jaw wired shut

Chantelle returned home to England three weeks after the fall. She was able to bear weight on her legs seven months after the accident. This was considered a miracle considering the severity of her leg injuries.

Chantelle surrounded by her mother (right) and sister. She was able to use a walker seven months after the accident

Two years after the accident, Chantelle appeared to have recovered from the accident. She resumed her modeling and exhibitionist hobbies.

Under the facade of a beautiful woman, Chantelle was in daily pain from the injuries. She became addicted to heroine. The expensive drug habit led Chantelle to join a gang of thieves. in 2016, she was arrested for burglary and spent two years in prison.

Chantelle shortly before her death

Upon her release from prison, she resumed her use of heroine. She died of an overdose in 2019.


On a brighter note, let me introduce you to Alexa, a 23 year old American yoga nut who lives in Monterrey Mexico.

Alexa before her little yoga accident

Last August, Alexa was practicing 'extreme' yoga on her apartment balcony. In an amazing twist of fate, her apartment was on the sixth floor and approximately 80 feet from the concrete patio below.

Alexa, moments before plunging 80 feet to the ground below

Apparently, Alexa was a thrill seeker. Twisting herself into a pretzel on a floor mat does not fulfill her adventurous side. So she practices yoga while dangling over the side of her balcony rail.

Last known picture of Alexa before she did her full body face plant. She was studying holistic medicine in Monterrey. She believed that diet could heal almost any condition the human body faced. I am not sure that works as well with 110 broken bones

As you might have guessed by now, Alexa fell off her balcony, dropped 80 feet, and broke 110 bones including both arms and both legs. For those optimists reading this, the good news is (a) she lived and (b) there were 96 bones in her body she didn't break. Lucky girl!

Alexa in her first social media picture after her fall. See if you can count the number of scars you see on her body. The picture was taken in January of this year

At the hospital, Alexa underwent an 11 hour operation to deal with the most serious of her injuries. Doctors have told her she will not walk for at least 3 years.

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