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Why I Don't Star On Reality TV Shows

I rarely watch reality TV. I find most shows staged, idiotic, and full of unnecessary drama.

However, today I am going to talk about three reality shows that caught my attention. Each one featured a woman who injured a foot, ankle, or leg during the show. Let's start with out first contestant from the US version of the 'The Apprentice'.


The Apprentice is a US TV show that features two teams of competing, aspiring business people. Donald Trump was the original host of the show which debuted in 2004. Winning contestants would be offered a $250,000 per year job as an apprentice in one of Trump's businesses.

During season 4, the two competing teams were men against women. One of the women was Rebecca Jarvis who would go on to become an ABC correspondent on Good Morning America.

Current day Rebecca

During filming of episode 1 of season 4, the men's and women's teams had an ice hockey challenge at the home stadium of the New York Rangers. Rebecca went down twisting her ankle in the process.

Rebecca landing on the ice and screaming in pain

The New York Rangers training staff got Rebecca off the ice and into a training room. They originally diagnosed the injury as a sprain but recommended Rebecca see a doctor the next day.

Rebecca in the training room. Her ankle was wrapped by a trainer.

The following day, Rebecca visited an orthopedic specialist. She learned the ankle was broken and was placed in a black fiberglass cast.

Rebecca was not shy about displaying her cast on future episodes of the show. By the time the finale was broadcast, Rebecca was cast free. She was the runner up on that season's show. Although she did not receive the $250,000 apprentice job, she has gone on to have a very successful career.

Christmas Abbot

Christmas is a complex character.

As a teenager, she suffered from depression and anorexia. As she aged, she made a decision to turn her life around. She became a life coach for others. She served as a civilian contractor in Baghdad during the US war against Iraq. She wrote numerous books on diet and fitness. Became a cross fit trainer. And worked on the pit crew of a NASCAR auto racing team.

In 2018, Christmas appeared on a TV show called 'Big Brother'. The premise of the show is that 20 or show housemates are locked in a house together, closely monitored 24/7, and each week some are voted out of the house.

During the filming of the first episode of the season, Christmas was given a piggy back ride by another contestant. She fell off of him awkwardly and severely broke her foot. She knew instantly that the foot was broken. For the sadists reading this, there is a wonderful 5 minute video of Christmas begging the show producers to send help after the accident.

Christmas was whisked off to a hospital. A day later, surgery was performed to stabilize her broken metatarsals. She returned to the house a couple of days later.

Christmas made the decision to return to the house permanently. In a testament to her determination, she finished third at the conclusion of the season.

A year after the injury, Christmas had her hardware removed. She claimed that all five metatarsals had been broken in the accident

Today, Christmas is a successful author, fitness guru, and influencer. She has one child.


This Irish bombshell was on the British version of Apprentice.

Grainne a few months after the accident

In 2018, she was skiing in France when things took a bad turn. This was her first attempt at skiing - a sport she had dreamed of taking up since she was a little girl. As fate would have it, her dream turned into a nightmare. She took a bad fall.

"I knew it was broken straight away because I heard the crack. I was just coming down the slope and when I got up again I could hardly stand. I don’t know why I didn’t feel the pain, it was probably the adrenaline. But when they took the boot off you could see straight away it was done."

Grainne moments before the fall

Grainne's view of the world after breaking her leg

Grainne was whisked to an emergency room. X-rays revealed three breaks to her fibula. Grainne was was placed in a temporary cast.

Grainne a few days after the accident. Making her way back to the UK.

After returning to Ireland, the fracture clinic re-casted Grainne's leg. Six weeks later, there was no fracture union. Grainne underwent surgery. In the course of her recovery, Grainne suffered from depression and developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. Her recovery took almost a year.

Grainne after her surgery. Underneath the smiling face was a deeply depressed woman

Grainne now owns a successful beauty cosmetic company. As for skiing, she said she will “definitely not” being doing that again.

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