Why I love New Zealand

I have been to New Zealand once. Three years ago, I visited the town of Auckland and watched the 'All Blacks' men Rugby team play in a bar on TV. During the game, I met two unattached women. They were in their early 20's and soccer players for the New Zealand national team. After a round of footsie, we quickly lost interest in the rugby game and adjourned to my hotel room which was adjacent to the bar.

I almost missed my flight back to the states the next morning when our 4th threesome session started around 6:00 AM. The soccer girls, who were both years younger than me, were quite creative in bed. I think they respected my experience in bed - particularly my knowledge of S&M - a sexual deviation neither was familiar with. The girls were eager learners, agile, full of stamina, and competitive.

The 2019 New Zealand woman's soccer team days before they World Cup match with Canada.

So since that evening, there has been a special place in my heart for the New Zealand woman's soccer team. They are called the Ferns and are quite good at their craft. Last year, they qualified for the woman's world cup soccer tournament. And the women I had an affair with in Auckland would both make the starting 11 on the World Cup Team.

As fate would have it, the two women I had the little tryst with in Auckland would not finish the first world cup game against Canada in early June.

The first woman down was Meikayla - number 5 above. Last year, two days before the opening game with Canada, Meikayla ruptured her Achilles tendon during a practice session in France.

"I felt a lot of pain initially and there was screaming and the physio and doc ran over. I told them I've been kicked. 'Someone has kicked me.' But they said 'no one was around you'. They started procedure from there," Moore said. "I knew something was bad when they told me no one was around me. They asked if I heard a pop and I said I did. I started connecting things in my brain then."

Meikayla with her surgeon. Her surgery took place the day after her injury

Meikayla was carted off the field by FIFA medics on a stretcher. Surgery was performed the next day. Meikayla emerged from the hospital with a plaster short leg cast.

Although out for the duration of the World Cup, Meikayla was encouraged by her coach to remain in France with the team

Meikayla was not daunted by her cast and crutches. She climbed 669 steps on crutches to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Five days after Meikayla ruptured her Achilles, The Ferns played the Canadian team. During the game, the second woman I was involved with in Auckland (her name is Catherine but she goes by CJ) , broke her wrist. She is number 2 in the group picture above. The injury was captured for all to see and was described as 'gruesome' by TV analysts.

CJ was in obvious agony after the injury. Game play was stopped for 30 minutes while CJ's arm was splinted and she was escorted to a waiting ambulance. Surgery was performed later that day and CJ was also done for the season.

In spite of my sadistic streak, I feel sorry for both of these women. During the brief time I was with the women I found them to be funny, intelligent, and a delight to be around. I am pleased to report that both Meikayla and CJ are fully recovered.

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