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Breaking a leg can be a life altering experience. It usually brings with it various levels of fear, pain, anger, regret, and resignation. The treatment for the injury is often far more painful than the injury itself. And the confinement in a leg cast - particularly a full leg cast - for weeks or months can result

So imagine what it is like to break two legs and have both legs placed in full leg casts.

This blog is about three women who did just that. Let me introduce you to our "cast" of characters.


Sarah was 11 years old when she had a little mishap on the slopes. The year was 1965. A fairly expert skier, Sarah managed to break both of her legs on an advanced hill in Vermont. Confined to two full leg casts for a period of 12 weeks, Sarah's father came across a picture of another 11 year old girl named Nancy who suffered the same fate in a ski accident in Massachusetts around the same time.

Sarah holding a picture of her new pen pal Nancy

Sarah's father managed to put the girls in touch with each other. They became pen pals and exchanged tips for dealing with life in two full leg casts.

Nancy's picture. Her fractures were quite severe and she was confined to a wheelchair for a period of 10 months.

The girls stayed in touch for a number of years after their casts were removed.

Current day picture of Sarah who now resides in New York State with her husband if many years.


Like Sarah and Nancy, Janice did not have much luck on the slopes. A Billings, Montana native Janice broke both legs in 1971 when she was a senior in high school. The accident occurred in March and Janice was still in two full leg casts at graduation time in late May.

Since Janice couldn't make it on stage, the school principle hand delivered her diploma to Janice and her wheelchair.

After graduation, Janice went on to study accounting at the University of Montana. A certified CPA, she still lives in Billings.

Current Day Janice


And finally, we have Carol. Carol was President of her high school ski club in Des Moines, Iowa. (Yes. There are ski resorts in Iowa). She was 5 when she broke her leg the first time in a sledding accident. At the age of 15, she broke the other leg skiing. And at the ripe old age of 17 in 1960 she proudly broke both legs in a skiing accident.

Carol in a hospital bed proudly displaying her broken legs.

Carol went on to break her legs a total of 9 times but still skis at the ripe old age of 78. She now lives in Youngstown, Ohio.

Current day Carol

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