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Why My Interest In Casts?

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

My interests in cast began when I was a child. My mother was in a short leg cast when I was 5 or 6. I believe this event may have triggered a subliminal fetish alert in my young brain.

Ideally, casts must be earned. This woman is earning her full leg cast by having her broken tibia and fibula splinted

Whenever a classmate arrived at school sporting a leg or arm cast, my subliminal interest was triggered. I was first in line to sign the cast -- but more importantly to me -- to learn the story behind the cast. In my world, casts must be earned. The ideal cast cast is created through a mixture of bad luck, bad decisions, pain, fear, horror, resignation, first aid, rescue, and, finally, casting. The cast is a product of a long journey. A cast is earned.

Skiing is a dangerous sport. This poor woman has a story to tell. I know little about this picture but have always been intrigued by the size of the cast and the look of subliminal pain on her face

My interest in casts cuts across gender lines. I am bisexual. I am equally intrigued by a woman in a cast as I am a man. I have shared the bed with some of the men and women you will see on this blog site.

This is Tony. He slipped on ice and broke his tibia. Minutes earlier, Tony underwent a painful reduction session. He seems quite happy in his cast.

I am intrigued by both leg and arm casts. Both symbolize elements of bondage. Confinement and an inability to live life as desired are elements of casting. Both leg and arm casts require a great deal of pain, suffering, and effort to earn.

One thing you will not find on this cast site are recreational casts. While I respect casters who enjoy the casting of models, they are not part of my world for obvious reasons. Casts are not a play thing. They must be earned.

My intent is to publish a blog update at least once a week. Hopefully, the cast community will continue to enjoy my work.

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