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Why The Tour de France Will Have to Wait

Elynor is an 18 year old Welsh cyclist. Since the age of 7, she has been consumed with cycling and her goal has always been to win the woman's Tour de France.

Until recently, there were two problems with Elynor's goal. First, seven year olds would probably not finish very well in an event featuring the world's best women's cyclists. And, second, there is currently no women's version of the Tour de France.

Elynor an hour before her accident

Elynor's chances of achieving her dream, have increased recently. At the age of 18, she is a world class cyclist with sponsorship deals from both clothing and equipment manufacturers. Genetically, things are on her side. Her dad, who is Swedish, won a stage of the Tour de France back in the day. And, most importantly, the governing committee of women's cycling has announced that a woman's Tour de France will begin in 2022.

Elynor in horrific pain after breaking her leg still manages a smile with her boyfriend

In May of this year, Elynor had a bike accident while mountain biking in Wales with her family and boyfriend. She hit a rock, lost her balance and fell squarely on her leg.

"I heard the crack and I was like 'that's not a stick, I knew in my gut that, this is bad," she said.

"When the pain started to come through I was immediately like 'yeah, it's broken'."

Because the family was in a remote location, rescuers had to climb halfway up a mountain with stretchers. It took two hours for EMT's to reach Elynor.

"I couldn't move my leg. My dad had to hold himself in a squat position holding my leg until the ambulance service came because we were stuck halfway down this mountain."

"I was crying hysterically out of frustration, sadness and the pain. This is the most painful bone I've ever broken and I've broken a lot of bones.

Once at the hospital, x-rays revealed an impressive spiral fracture of the tibia in the upper third of the lower leg. Because of the location of the fracture, a decision was made to not do surgery. Surgery would result in long term knee pain - not a good thing for a cyclist.

Elynor's leg set and splinted at the Emergency Room

In spite of massive amounts of pain killers, Elynor called the setting process excruciating. She was sent home home in a full leg splint. A week later, she was placed in a full leg, blue fiberglass cast.

Elynor's boyfriend, by the way, is world class cyclist in his own right.

After four weeks in the blue cast, Elynor was placed in a red full leg cast. It was then that she transitioned from wheelchair to crutches.

Elynor in her new red cast

Elynor has an obsession with nail polish. She paints her fingers and toes weekly. While in her full leg cast, toe painting was performed by her boyfriend

In July, Elynor was placed in a short leg Patella Tendon Bearing cast. After two months, she remains in that cast today. Her leg is healing but healing slower than anticipated by doctors.

Elynor in the final stages of her recovery

Elynor hopes to be cycling again by the end of he year. The girl is no stranger to broken bones. She broke the same leg in 2014 and spent time in a full leg cast. She has also broken both forearms. a collarbone, and her left ankle.

I for one, can't wait to see her in the 2022 Tour de France.

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