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Emmy Wishes She Had Broken The Fibula Also

Emmy is a cute sixteen year old who lives in England. Her life revolves around horses.

Emmy five weeks after breaking her leg

In August of last year, one of Emmy's horses gave her a kick to the leg. The force of the blow broke Emmy's tibia badly. Miraculously, and as it turns out unfortunately for her, the poor girl's fibula was unharmed.

Except for some swelling and a small dent where the horse kicked Emmy, Emmy's leg appeared normal

A group of friends held Emmy still while workers at the stables - veteran bone breakers themselves - cut Emmy's pants leg off. Except for a small indentation where the horse's hoof struck the woman's leg, the leg appeared completely normal.

It is very rare for a tibia to be broken without an associated fibula fracture. The intact fibula made it very difficult to set the girl's leg properly

What could not be seen by the volunteer medical group was that Emmy's tibia was badly broken. But her fibula was completely intact. This is a very unusual type of fracture and one that is surprisingly difficult to treat.

Since the leg showed no sign of deformity due to the intact fibula, the group of amateur medics encouraged the girl to 'walk off' her injury. One of them even used the phrase 'suck it up buttercup' as Emmy was pulled from the ground and encouraged to take a few steps.

One small step resulted in Emmy heaped on the ground screaming madly. Her fingernails were dug so deep in the ground she later said it would take a month for her nails to come clean. According to a friend, her face was 'whiter than Casper the ghost' and her friend was afraid she had swallowed her tongue.

After 30 minutes of torturous treatment, an ambulance was summoned.

Emmy in the ambulance

When the medics arrived, they listened incredulously at the 'treatment' poor Emmy had already received. They infused her system with morphine and gas for one full hour before splinting the girl's leg and moving her to the ambulance.

Emmy shortly after having her back slab applied the evening of the accident. Unfortunately, her riding pants were ruined

At the hospital, Emmy's leg was x-rayed and the girl was placed in a full leg back slab splint. Because Emmy did not arrive at the hospital until 7:00 PM, no orthopedic surgeon was available. Emmy's tibia was left in its displaced position.

Emmy was pumped with more morphine and gas. She said the pain was unrelenting and she had no sleep that night.

Emmy's leg in the back slab splint. The woman has long elegant toes.

The following morning, Emmy was taken to an operating theater where her leg was supposedly set. She was knocked out for the procedure and awoke in a full leg plaster cast.

Again, the long elegant toes - this time devoid of nail polish. The polish was removed in case surgery would be required to set the leg.

Less than four hours after having the cast applied, Emmy experienced severe pain in her heel. The cast was cut to relieve pressure and the heel of her cast wrapped in blue fiberglass. A stylish look don't you agree?

Emmy with the horse that kicked her. I would have sent the damned thing to the glue factory. But young girls love their horses

Emmy spent 10 weeks in her full leg cast. At the ten week mark, there was little evidence that the tibia was setting properly. Nevertheless, Emmy was placed in short leg cast for another 10 weeks.

Emmy broke her leg in August. She was in casts until mid December

After four plus months in casts, the tibia still was not united. The orthopedic surgeon decided that surgery would be necessary to set the leg properly.

Emmy's tibia in mid December. The bone was not uniting properly.

Emmy's x-rays after surgery.

During surgery, the surgeon broke the fibula and inserted a plate and screws into Emmy's tibia. Close to a year after surgery, Emmy has begun riding again but still walks with a slight limp and is almost daily pain.

Emmy with her beloved horse

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