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Women Break More Bones Than Men

This was a surprise to me. But several studies have revealed women break significantly more bones than men in the course of a lifetime. This is great news for male heterosexual members of the cast community. And, of course, for gay women like yours truly.

I knew that women had several biological strikes against them in the bone breaking department. Women reach maximum bone density much earlier than men. After the age of 30, women's bones density begins to decrease accelerated by menopause and a high incidence of osteoporosis.

My suspicion was that the incredibly stupid stunts pulled by teen boys gave them a life long lead over girls in the bone breaking department. Not true according to the studies. As a matter of fact, as I have conducted research for this blog, I have found that women tend to do as many incredibly daring (and sometimes stupid) stunts as men. I think men are dragging women down to their primal caveman like level.

Let me introduce you to Aneta whose lifestyle falls into the daring category.


This photo was take a month or so after her arm cast was removed

Aneta is a blonde beauty whose passion is rock climbing. The woman is part of the Czechoslovakia climbing team. She gets her kicks scaling massive walls of any type.

Aneta scaling an ice wall in Alaska. I get dizzy standing on a step ladder to change a light bulb

This summer, Aneta broke her arm in a skateboarding accident. She snapped both bones in the forearm and cracked her elbow. She was placed in a full arm cast and told to rest so surgery could be avoided.

One week later, Aneta was bored and decided to take her cast on a climb. She scaled an indoor climbing wall at the Czech training facility wearing socks. At one point, I think she uses her teeth to grab on to a climbing pilon.

In spite her daring activities while in the cast, Aneta recovered. On the day her cast was removed, Aneta did not go home and soak her arm in a bath tub like most women would. No. Not Aneta. She took to the great outdoors.

Aneta the day her cast was removed. No soaking in a tub for this woman. The fact she couldn't bend her elbow didn't bother this blonde dare devil

Fortunately for us, Aneta is not alone among the growing population of women who do adventurous and sometimes stupid things and wind up wearing a cast.

Over the last few months, this blog has featured many of them. You may recall:

Al, a girl from Australia whose love of extreme skate boarding landed her in a full leg cast for six weeks.

Kayla, a 19 year old mother of one, who can't can't stop riding motorcycles. Her latest lay down resulted in a broken wrist and ankle.

Leanne, the British 5'0 fireplug who broke her leg playing rugby.

Clarissa (aka Busted Cupcake) the roller derby queen who seemed to relish the full leg cast she was put in for her broken leg.

And, of course, one of last month's featured blogs - Megan who jumped off a roof in a dare and ended up with a broken leg.

To all of these risk taking women, we say thanks for your contributions to the cast community!

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