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Year In Review - 2019

Well, what a year. I started this blog in December of 2018. In the intervening 12 months, I have posted over 100 blog stories. A few of these were posted by my friend Ccast101. But most came from me.

I have received ideas for blog stories from numerous casters around the world. I want to thank all members of the cast community for their ideas and creativity - and for their hard work to make the cast community function.

To commemorate my first blogging year, I would like to call attention to the top five most viewed blog articles of the year. In no particular order, here are the top five most viewed Blog articles of 2019:

In January of this year, I wrote about Carissa who is a program manager with Boeing. While in college, Carissa managed to snap her tibia and fibula in half playing soccer. Fortunately for those of us who are sadists, we were treated to a five minute video of Carissa screaming and rolling on the ground in unfathomable pain after the injury.

The story of Dr. Kate and her 17 broken bones was a best seller among viewers of this cast blog. Kate is a medical student in Idaho who has had the misfortune to break numerous bones including her leg four times. Kate's good looks, great smile, and propensity to break bones at a rapid rate made her a favorite among site viewers.

In May, Ccast101 contributed the most read blog entry of 2019. Titled 'Casted Up', the blog entry features a host of men and women who had the misfortune of being placed in leg casts.

Another Carissa was also featured in one of my first blog posts of 2019. This Carissa is a roller derby queen who snapped her lower leg in half during a roller derby match. Carissa proudly wore a full leg cast and encouraged friends and relatives to take picture of her. Upon breaking her leg, Carissa changed her roller derby name from 'Glitter Pistol' to 'Busted Cupcake'. Quite a girl!

And then there was my June post of Lawyer goddess Elle who spent some quality time in a full leg cast as a result of a stress fracture. Elle loved posting pictures of her cast and toes on her social media sites.

So as 2019 comes to an end, again I want to thank you for your readership of this blog. Please send ideas for blog stories to me along with any pictures you might have. Together, we can continue to make this site an important part of the cast community.

Happy New Year to call.

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