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Yoga Woman Breaks a Leg

Yoga women intrigue me.

Part of my intrigue stems from jealousy. I do not have a body type that works well with tight fitting yoga clothing. If I tried to do even the most basic yoga pose, I would end up in a hospital bed for a period of weeks. I don't have the discipline to head to yoga class and 5:00 AM in the morning. And my personality is not suited to taking instruction from other yoga woman who preach not only techniques for improving my body but, also, techniques for improving my spiritual being.

Some of you may recall, I wrote a blog article last March about a yoga woman named Mel who broke her femur practicing yoga in her driveway. Fortunately for the sadists in this little community, the whole incident was recorded on the woman's iPhone.

You can read the entire Blog post HERE.

Today, I would like to discuss another yoga woman. This woman I know a bit more about. And one year after the Mel blog, I have better formulated feelings about Yoga women in general.

Sam, the subject of today's blog

Sam is a Miami Beach resident and yoga devotee.

Her issues are not unlike those faced by many readers of this blog - including me. Consider this resume:

  • Insecure as a child in spite of her good looks.

  • From a home where mom and dad divorced and she blamed herself for their separation.

  • Well educated - she holds a master degree from the University of Miami - but has never had an opportunity to use her degree in international administration in real life.

  • Conflicted sexually. Has difficulty with relationships. Most relationships with men end after a few months. Had a fling with a female friend in college.

  • Now Yoga has replaced sex as her climax tool.

  • Suffers from depression.

  • Raised a Catholic but could not find meaning in the trilogy and now a practicing Buddhist.

  • Has an almost manic devotion to improving her knowledge of yoga - and, more importantly, her physical form. Hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of herself doing yoga poses on social media sites.

  • Vegan despite a professed love of chicken, steak, and Chinese Egg Rolls.

  • Non social with anyone outside of the yoga community.

  • Prefers men who act as woman and women who act as men.

  • Total devotion to her 40 year old yoga spiritual leader - who unknown by Sam - is a convicted felon and con artist.

This is observation - not condemnation. Change a few words and the resume could be any number of my blog readers. I personally am a walking, talking shit bag of conflicts, failed sexual relationships, unfulfilled promises, fetishes, and phobias. I am in no position to judge Sam or anyone else.

Now, onto our story. In November of 2017, Sam broke her fibula in a running accident. She suffered a very minor hairline break that was treated with a short leg cast.

Casual Sam a few days after the accident. Although smiling in the picture, she was in extreme pain

In her own words. "I knew I broke my ankle. I had a sick nauseating pain in my stomach. Twenty minutes later, I was in the ER. My ankle swelled rapidly and it turned black and blue. I was diagnosed with a nondisplaced distal fibula fracture. It's the bone on the outer part of the leg that bears up to 20% weight. The ER doctor put me in a splint and two days later I met with an orthopedic surgeon. I was given a non-weight bearing cast for six weeks and either a walking boot or surgery after if it doesn't heal well."

Although smiling in pictures while she was in her cast, Sam was deeply depressed

The injury was minor in world of broken legs. To Sam, however, the injury was devastating. A week after the injury, Sam found herself trapped in her Miami apartment. She cried constantly and went into a deep depression.

"The first week was emotional. My way of life changed and simple tasks were no long simple.  At some point, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry."

Sam on her Miami apartment patio

I used to think that yoga women like Sam were mindless brain washed bimbos who care only for the appearance of their bodies. However, Sam's blog reveals a woman who deeply needed a spiritual foundation to overcome her fears and depression. And I think that is at least partially true.

Sam in a reflective moment of meditation

Sam said in her blog:"It's so easy to stay in this place of despair. On day six, I was alone and in my apartment. I started to cry and felt utterly hopeless. Will I ever fully recover? Will I teach yoga again? But if there is anything that my yoga practice has taught me is that the only way to maintain peace is to go within. Yoga isn't just the poses you see in classes. It's a way of existing in this world."

I agree with this view to a point. When times get tough, we all have a crutch of some type we fall back on. Religion. Exercise. Drugs. Whatever. For Sam it was yoga. But, as you will see later in this blog, more things may have been in play.

After six weeks, Sam graduated from the cast to an ankle splint. She resumed her yoga routine and, today, is totally recovered.

Sam practicing yoga in her ankle splint

While Sam believes her spiritual devotion to yoga pulled her out of depression, I think there is a contributing factor.

Sam and Jill a month after Sam's cast removal

The cast technician who applied Sam's leg was a tall drink of water named Jill. She is a former professional volleyball player, current yoga teacher, and part time volleyball at a University in Miami. Jill and Sam hit it off during Sam's 30 minute cast application session. The thoughtful Jill paid Sam a visit a week after Sam's cast was applied. This was during the peak of Sam's depression and anxiety. The two hit it off and, voila!, Sam had no more depression or anxiety. All of the pictures of Sam in her cast were taken by Jill.

I think a couple of nights in bed with Jill could cure my depression as well!

Sam and Jill are still going together 2 plus years later.

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