Young Guns

Riding motorcycles as means of daily transportation is dangerous business. The incidence of crashes is much higher for motorcycles than cars.

So when you put a 14 year old girl on a motorcycle and encourage her to go as fast as possible, bad things could happen. This blog is about three young girls who race motorcycles for fun.


Izzy with her cycle. She is now 15.

You may recall Izzy from a blog I wrote in June of 2019. Izzy is a British school girl who races mini cycles. In early 2019, Izzy wiped out and broke her lower leg badly.

Izzy in the ER with her mother. Izzy models and you can see where she gets her good looks

Izzy's leg was partially set in the ER. She had surgery on the leg a few days later and was placed in a cast.


A few months after Izzy's little accident, Lexi had one also. Lexi is a motorbike racer who lives in Southern California.

Lexi rides larger bikes than Izzy.

In 2019, Lexi tipped her bike and broke both bones in her lower leg.

Lexi in an official's vehicle immediately after breaking her leg

At the local ER, Lexi's leg was set and the girl was placed in a temporary cast. After arriving home, Lexi's leg began to swell and the cast became extremely painful. After a return trip to the ER, Lexi's cast was split to relieve the swelling and the cast was wrapped in an ace bandage.

Lexi in her temporary pink cast

Lexi after her cast has been cut to relieve swelling. Note the handicap parking sign

Surgery was performed a couple of days later.

Lexi prepped and waiting for surgery

Ride home after surgery. Lexi is comforted by her sister who is quite a good looking woman

Following surgery, Lexi was placed in a knee splint

When your hobby is riding unstable, two wheel vehicles at 125 miles per hour, broken bones become a way of life. Almost a year to the day after Lexi broke her leg, Lexi had a crash in Michigan and managed to break both of her wrists. I am sure there will be more broken bones to come.

Lexi proudly displaying her two broken wrists last September


Alexis take the 'tough cookie' prize. At 16, she is the oldest of our three dare devils.

Alexis on her bike

Earlier this year, Alexis was racing in Washington State. She wrecked and suffered compound fractures of both ankles.

Alexis's ankle in the emergency room

Now here is where the 'tough cookie' part comes in. Alexis was initially stunned after the crash. She took a minute to compose herself as help arrived.

Alexis trying to get to her feet after the crash. She said both of her boots felt a little wet inside

After a few seconds, Alexis managed to stand. Remember she has broken bones sticking out of both ankles. Not only did she stand, she walked three steps before collapsing in agony.

Alexis getting ready for her ambulance ride

At the local ER, doctors stabilized Alexis's ankles. The breaks were so severe, she was transferred to a large medical center in Seattle for surgery.

Alexis awaiting surgery in Seattle

Surgery went well. Alexis joked after surgery that she got some 'factory parts' in her ankles. After a week in the hospital, she was allowed to fly to her home in Florida.

Back home in Florida

Alexis is shown here two months after the injury at the Daytona Motor Speedway

Today, Alexis continues to recover from the injuries. She undergoes daily physical therapy. She says she can't wait to get back on the track.

Alexis with her physical therapist in late November of last year.

So that's the story of three young women - none of them old enough to get a driver's license - who risk broken bones on a daily basis. I am sure next year I can do a follow-up story on these three and have a whole new set of broken bones to show you.

Alexis with her niece the day before her accident. Her treasured purple motor cycle was destroyed in the accident

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